Goldhills All That Glitters LOM
(Gayfields Call The Cops x Goldhill's As You Wish)
​13.2 Hands - Section B - Chestnut
Currently on lease to Midnight Welsh Ponies
Glitter had a beautiful filly by Gayfields Bling! Bling!

Midnight Sugar And Spice
(Gayfields Bling! Bling! x Midnight Reba Mac)
​13.2 Hands - Section B - Palomino
Bred to *Holyoake Copper-Field. It's a palomino filly! 4/1/17 

Seascape Psyche
(*Llanarth Scout x Saltwood Leah)
​13.1 Hands - Section B - Buckskin
Bred to *Holyoake Copper-Field. It's a buckskin filly! 3/21/17 

Sterling Creek Sparkle
(*Holyoake Copper-Field LOM/AOE x Goldhills All That Glitters LOM)
​13.1 Hands - Section B - Chestnut
co-owned with Vintage Oaks Welsh

Lascaux Soprano LOM
(*Popsters Mr Bojangles x *Menai Contralto)
​13.2 Hands - Section C - Bay

Oso Artful
(Artful Investment x Poso Rockrose)
​15.2 Hands - AQHA - Bay