Due in March 2017
*Holyoake Copper-Field LOM/AOE x Midnight Sugar And Spice
​ Section B - Chestnut or Palomino

Sterling Creek Girl Crush
(Midnight Sleightly Smokey x Sterling Creek Rave)
​ Filly - July 2015 -Section B - Chestnut

Sterling Creek Pretty Please
(*Holyoake Copper-Field LOM/AOE x Gayfields Hand Jive)
​ Filly - May 2015 -Section B - Chestnut

Sterling Creek American Kid
(*Holyoake Copper-Field LOM/AOE x Seascape Psyche)
​ Gelding - April 2015 -Section B - Buckskin

Sterling Creek Reign
(*Holyoake Copper-Field LOM/AOE x Seascape Psyche)
​ Filly - March 2014 -Section B - Liver Chestnut

Sterling Creek OMG!
(*Holyoake Copper-Field LOM/AOE x Goldhills All That Glitters LOM)
​ Gelding - January 2014 -Section B - Chestnut

Sterling Creek Wish Me Luck
(*Holyoake Copper-Field LOM/AOE x Oso Artful AQHA)
​ Gelding - April 2013 -Half Welsh - Bay

Sterling Creek Shimmer
(*Holyoake Copper-Field LOM/AOE x Goldhills All That Glitters LOM)
​ Filly - February 2013 -Section B - Chestnut

Sterling Creek Taboo
(*Holyoake Copper-Field LOM/AOE x Lascaux Soprano LOM)
​ Filly - February 2012 -Half Welsh - Chestnut

Sterling Creek Sparkle
(*Holyoake Copper-Field LOM/AOE x Goldhills All That Glitters LOM)
​ Filly - March 2011 -Section B - Chestnut

Sterling Creek Fantasia
(Goldhills Maverick LOM/AOE x *Llanarth Finch)
​ Filly - March 2010 -Section B - Grey

Sterling Creek Absolute
(Goldhills Maverick LOM/AOE x Cuesta Anacapa)
​ Filly - March 2009 -Section B - Chestnut

Sterling Creek Bebe Good
(Dry Creek Master Vandal LOM x Seaing Spots APHA)
​ Filly - March 2009 -Half Welsh - Black

Sterling Creek Dramma
(*Llanarth Black Lion x Lascaux Soprano LOM)
​ Filly - February 2009 -Section C - Bay

Sterling Creek Rave
(Goldhills Maverick x RB Copper Hills Roxanne)
​ Filly - February 2009 -Section B - Chestnut

Sterling Creek Liberty
(Goldhills Maverick LOM/AOE x Kacey Facet)
​ Filly - July 2008 -Section B - Grey